About Corbed

a unique new project about lifestyle,
travel, food, luxury and inspirations.


IMG_6202We are Sumita and Shashwat. We passionately seek amazing and unforgettable experiences and share them with you here. We hope you enjoy following our journeys and find use of our advice and reviews.

We think that luxury and experiences extends beyond the price tag, beyond a certain location, and while we do love all of these luxurious things at Corbed, but it must be so pleasing, so memorable to your senses that you feel you’re having one of the finest experiences in the world.

In addition to searching out fulfilling, unique  experiences around the globe and providing useful advice to enuance the experience of your travels and prepare you for anything, we respect your needs in your quest for luxury.



Corbed is a unique travel & lifestyle blog in that we want to cater your interests and requests in designing your idea of the ultimate luxury experience. We are happy to consider unique, popular or useful suggestions for new posts and features and will be incorporated in our blog via our contact form.

We hope you are intrigued by our snapshots of the world and experienced traveler insight. Enjoy the journey, and we wish you happy and safe travels!


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