A few weeks back one of my favourite singers, Sona Mohapatra along with the brilliant composer and her husband Ram Sampath were in town. Sona and Ram along with their band performed live in Gurgaon.

Both of them are brilliantly talented  singers and absolutely adorable together. They both have an amazing chemistry that you can feel sitting 50ft away. Sometimes it was like they are just  flirting with each other and singing n playing music for each other.

Ram performed Boss DK for the first time on the stage for the Gurgaon audience and audience just loved the live rendition of  “Jee Le Zara”… It just left everyone spell bound.

 Sona and Ram were accompanied by their very talented band, each one of them played very well.

Need I say more? She’s fire on the stage and know how to get the audience all charged up and get them to move to her tunes…

Although everyone in the music industry makes a remark about Yo Yo Honey Singh’s music… So did Sona, but I really wonder why single out only him in the whole bunch? We also danced to Ram’s Boss DK, Ja Chudail! and seriously, they are just fun songs and I don’t seek a solace in their tunes. We just wanna have some fun sometimes!

 The event was sponsored by Royal Stag Barrel Select Whiskey and there was plenty of it Select floating around and trust me, it’s not a bad whisky for the price. More when I write a detailed review of it.

 Overall, this was a good evening spent well with family n friends with some amazing performances by Sona and Ram… Would love to see them perform live again!